How ‘Reduce’ Disrupts New Hair Growth

Our ‘REDUCE’ solution nourishes and protects the skin as well as aids in the recovery process, but the real groundbreaking technology is how it helps disrupt the regrowth of new hair. ‘REDUCE’ attacks the lower part of the hair bulb called the ‘hair womb’. In the hair bulb, the ‘hair womb’ is an active cellular division zone. In this zone each cell splits every 39 hours, giving birth to a female cell that will be moved up towards the top by the birth of other cells which will keratinize progressively in the upper part of the hair bulb. This process will push the telogen hair towards the top. When ‘REDUCE’ is applied during the 39 hours following a depilation session (waxing, cream or shaving), the active ingredients help fight and disrupt the cellular division that creates the new hairs. The active ingredients, effectively works by reducing keratinocytes, which inhibits the anagen phase (phase where the hair begins to divide and grow) of hair growth. Our ingredients help reduce hair density (how thick the hair grows in) and hair length up to 30% and more over time. This professional grade formulation is the result of our team’s collaboration with an International B2B company. Together we improved on a proven formulation that was previously only offered to exclusive spas and hotels in cities such as New York, Paris, London, Montreal and Beverly Hills but is now available for the first time to consumers via SMOOTHTECH| PRO.

The Results

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Week 4
Week 8
Week 16

STP - No Limits! Works for Every Man

SMOOTHTECH|PRO is a real alternative to laser without the limitations and high cost that laser treatments present. Unlike lasers, SMOOTHTECH|PRO works on all skin tones and all hair colors and helps you achieve permanent removal of unwanted hair.

SMOOTHTECH |PRO is safe and works on all skin tones.


SMOOTHTECH|PRO is effective on all hair colors unlike laser hair removal.


Grey Blond Red Brown DarkBrown Black

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